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Dog & Cat Wellness

Keep your cat or dog healthy.

As pet parents, we want our animal companions to live as many years as possible. At Heartland Niagara Animal Hospital, we believe the best way to accomplish this is by making a commitment to ongoing wellness care. 

By booking regular checkups, you’ll protect your pet from many common ailments that can affect companion animals. You’ll also increase the likelihood of early diagnosis in the event of an underlying illness.

At each appointment, we’ll examine your pet from nose to tail, looking for anything out of the ordinary. We’ll then customize a preventative care plan that will include vaccines, parasite control, nutrition, weight management, and anything else we deem relevant. From time to time, the doctor might also suggest certain health screenings. These routine tests enable us to identify and address potential health concerns early before they have a chance to develop and worsen.

Learn more about our Cat & Dog Care Services:

$city Vet Exams

Preventive Care for Dogs

Commit to a lifetime of health.

Preventive Care for Cats

Help your cat live a longer, happier life.

Puppy & Kitten Care 

Give your new pet the best start in life.

Senior Pet Care 

How your pet's needs change.

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