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International Health Certificates 

Get your pet appropriate travel documents.

Pet health certificates are required for pets traveling both domestically within Canada and internationally. We’re happy to assist you with your pet’s health certificate for travel domestically, but the associated paperwork can take several weeks to process. 

Start planning at least two months in advance for domestic travel. If rabies titers are required it is likely that you may need more time for planning and testing. Please check the requirements for both domestic and international travel at

What do I need to do to make travel plans for my pet?

If you’re traveling by car, you should carry your pet’s vaccine history, their most current rabies certificate, and a veterinarian-issued pet health certificate that includes information about their most recent wellness exam.

If you’re planning to fly, research the specific airline you plan to use. Some airlines have their own requirements while others defer to those issued by the destination state or country.

Important questions to ask your airline might include:

  • What are your pet travel policies?
  • Do you offer fleet cargo space for large pets? Will this affect which flights I can book?
  • Are small pets allowed in the cabin area?
  • Do you have specific pet carrier requirements?
  • What are your pick-up and drop-off policies for pets?
  • How do you handle layovers when there are pets on board? 

Bear in mind that only certified veterinarians are able to issue international health certificates.

When you schedule your appointment, please let us know where and when you’re planning to travel, so we can properly address your needs. 

Interested in additional information? Check out this resource.

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