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Veterinarian in Niagara Falls tips for Diarrhea in Guinea Pigs

August 1, 2014

Diarrhea is, unfortunately, one of a guinea pig’s most common responses to health maladies. You’ll probably see it at least once throughout the life of your pig! Here, a Niagara Falls veterinarian answers your questions about this common symptom.

What Can Cause Diarrhea?

A variety of things can cause diarrhea, including bacterial, viral, and parasitic infections. Digestive issues and poor diet can also lead to the condition. Your vet can tell you more about the exact cause of your pig’s issue.

Are there Other Symptoms That Go Along with Diarrhea?

Dehydration is very common with excessive diarrhea, because your pig’s body is losing a lot of water through feces. Dehydration itself can then result in a loss of appetite, weakness, hunched posture and sunken eyes, and a diminished coat quality. You’ll probably also notice a soiled backside and matted, wet fur on your pig.

What if I See My Pig Experiencing Diarrhea?

If you notice your pig has diarrhea, or you see or suspect any of the above symptoms, check with your veterinary professional. To be safe, you’ll likely be asked to bring your pet into the clinic for a quick examination. That way, it can be determined whether this case of diarrhea is minor and won’t need treatment, or if it will require veterinary attention in the long term.

How Will Diarrhea be Treated?

Remember, diarrhea is always a symptom—therefore, treating it requires treating the underlying condition that’s causing diarrhea. If your pig has an infection, antibiotics and fluid therapy may be needed. For digestive issues, dietary supplements can help. If your pig isn’t getting the proper nutrients from his diet, your veterinarian will advise you on changing up the feed or adding more fresh veggies and fruits to your pig’s daily regimen. Sometimes, too little fiber can result in diarrhea, and a pig might require a special high-fiber diet.

Your best course of action is to visit your Niagara Falls vet’s office and have a discussion about your particular pig. He or she will be able to tell you what the problem is and how to fix it! Also be sure to ask about any other questions you have regarding your guinea pig’s overall health.

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