Keeping your pet healthy on the outside is equally as important as managing their internal wellness. Animals that are groomed regularly have cleaner skin, healthier coats and are generally happier and more confident members of the family. Heartland Niagara Animal Hospital offers professional grooming services to help keep your companion looking, feeling and smelling his or her very best.

Our experienced team provides expert service with a gentle, personal touch. Even the most nervous of pets will feel right at ease with us! Have a special request or unique style idea? Just ask! We’re always happy to accommodate whenever possible. Whether you’re looking for a simple nail trim or a full blown spa and pampering experience, our amazing staff are prepared to handle all of your pet grooming needs! We specialize in pets that are difficult to groom and that may require sedation or anesthesia to keep them comfortable and safe during the experience.

Give us a call today to schedule your pet’s next grooming session!