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Practice Manager

Krystle grew up on multiple acres in Bathurst, New Brunswick, where she developed a fascination with nature and wildlife early on. She can’t remember a time when there wasn’t a pet around her childhood home. For Krystle, coupling her innate customer service skills with her lifelong love for animals makes perfect sense—she gets to help both pets and those who care for them as Heartland Niagara Animal Hospital’s Practice Manager!

After many years spent managing a private boating club, Krystle decided to look for work that felt more fulfilling and rewarding. That’s when she discovered an open position here at Main West Animal Hospital—she’s been a member of the clinic team since 2016 and hasn’t looked back since. Krystle loves to learn new things every day within the world of animal medicine, and she especially likes putting a smile on visitors’ faces on a daily basis. For her, the hospital’s staff and clientele are truly members of the family!

Krystle’s interests outside of work include hiking, staying fit and living a healthy lifestyle (she’s even certified as a personal trainer!), writing and journaling, and spending time with her family. She lives with her two young sons, Hunter and Preston, as well as a one-eyed cat named Silly who was adopted from right here at Heartland Niagara Animal Hospital.

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Evelyn has always enjoyed working with numbers, and she’s a pet owner herself. When the opportunity came about for her to couple her passion for arithmetic with her love for the earth’s creatures, the choice was simple!

Originally from Toronto, Evelyn moved to St. Catharines several years ago, where she began working at a computer school. Shortly after the school closed, she joined the team here at Main West Animal Hospital and Heartland Niagara Animal Hospital. Evelyn has been here ever since!

Away from work, Evelyn can be found reading, listening to music, playing pool, or spending quality time with her family and pets. She has three sons and four grandsons, and shares her home with two dogs—Sierra, who knows all sorts of tricks, and Stella, who can jump six feet into the air from a sitting position—as well as two loveable cats named Boots and Nikita.

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Animal Health Technician

When she was 14 years old, Joanne saw a man on the side of the road beside a cow that was lying on the ground. As she went over to see what was going on, she realized the cow was birthing a calf! The man asked Joanne to comfort the mother cow, and minutes later the calf was born. From that moment on, Joanne knew what she wanted to be when she grew up.

Joanne grew up in Niagara Falls, Ontario. She graduated from St. Clair College in 1987 with a diploma in in Animal Health Technology. She started at Main West in 1988, covering for a fellow employee on maternity leave. When she returned after six months, Joanne was kept on as a full-time employee.

Taking radiographs is Joanne’s specialty, and one of her favourite parts of her job. She also likes seeing the same patients over many years and being able to develop a close relationship with those pets and their families.

Joanne still lives in Niagara Falls, sharing her home with her husband Mike, their son Chase, their daughter Kendra, and the family pet, Jackson. Joanne says her greatest achievements are her family, career, and putting her kids through college.

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Registered Veterinary Technician

Sara was very young when she first decided that she would one day work with animals. She even recalls rolling her family dog, Brandon, into a mock “surgery” on an old television cart! For Sara, a career in the veterinary world simply makes sense; she gets to help animals on a daily basis as a Registered Veterinary Technician.

Sara is originally from Amherstburg, Ontario. She began volunteering in Windsor and helping with fundraising efforts for the Windsor-Essex Humane Society, then moved to Niagara Falls to volunteer with the Niagara Falls Humane Society. Sara then applied to St. Clair College’s veterinary technician program to earn her degree in veterinary technology. She became a Registered Veterinary Technician after passing her exams, and was thrilled to join the Main West Animal Hospital care team in February of 2016 and eventually the team at Heartland Niagara Animal Hospital.

When time allows outside of work, Sara likes playing baseball, rollerblading, enjoying the great outdoors, and spending time with family and friends. She lives in Niagara Falls with her fiancé, her young daughter, and two loveable dogs. Emma is a 70-pound Labrador mix who thinks she’s a lap dog, and Bailey the Coton de Tuléar considers herself Sara’s biggest fan.

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Registered Veterinary Technician

Denise constantly sought the companionship of animals while growing up in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She’s been an advocate for their health and well-being for as long as she can remember. When Denise started to feel that something was missing from her previous career in the business world, she decided to make a change—that’s when she jumped headfirst into veterinary medicine!

After deciding to change her career path, Denise returned to school and obtained her degree in veterinary technology from Harcum College in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. After passing the national exam to become a Certified Veterinary Technician in the state, she started working at a specialty and emergency hospital outside of Philadelphia. Denise would help pets there for the next 16 years, working her way up to a supervisory position in charge of the entire nursing staff, until relocating to Canada in order to be closer to her parents after they retired to this area. She joined the Main West Animal Hospital and Heartland Niagara Animal Hospital team in the summer of 2017, and has been a valued member of the clinic family ever since.
Medically, Denise has particular passions for internal medicine cases—she’s always fascinated by the unique challenges that each and every patient presents—and animal behaviour work. For her, being able to share her knowledge with the area’s pet owners is the most rewarding part of her day!

In her free time away from the hospital, Denise can be found gardening, reading great books, and enjoying the company of her own pets at home. She lives with multiple rescued animals, including four dogs—Tristan, Kieran, Miki, and Emi—as well as a playful cat named Willow, two rabbits who go by Juniper and Hyacinth, and numerous tropical fish.

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Veterinary Assistant

Crystina grew up with her parents and brother in St. Catharines, where she always enjoyed the company of the family pets. In addition to her passion for animals, she always had a fondness for working directly with people and doing her part to help those in need. For Crystina, a career helping pets and their owners in the veterinary profession simply made sense!

Crystina’s veterinary journey first started in high school, when she enrolled in a cooperative career placement program and gained crucial experience working hands-on with pets in the field. It didn’t take her long to fall in love—Crystina knew that she would love to remain in the veterinary world and grow her skillset even further!

Crystina was thrilled to join the Main West Animal Hospital family as a Veterinary Assistant in February of 2017. Recently, she’s been enjoying learning more about the behavioural aspect of veterinary care and likes to help pet owners deal with issues like separation anxiety. Her favourite part of every shift, though, is bonding with the area’s loving pet parents and their furry friends.

At home, Crystina has three animal companions of her own: Pumpkin, an orange tabby cat who loves to play fetch; Karma the Siamese/Himalayan cat with a spunky attitude; and a fun-loving American Staffordshire mix named Chance.

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Bianca has experienced veterinary medicine from a different perspective. While working at her first veterinary hospital, Bianca decided to participate in the clinic’s cat and kitten adoption program. Bianca volunteered to take abandoned kittens home each evening, feeding the tiny cats overnight so they could receive the nourishment they needed. Bianca received great satisfaction when each young cat was adopted into a loving home!

Bianca spent her childhood in Fonthill, Ontario with her mother, stepfather, and two younger brothers. After acquiring hospitality experience that would prove useful in her veterinary career, Bianca moved to Toronto to find work she enjoyed. After seeing a veterinary receptionist ad in the paper, Bianca realized this job would combine her love for animals with the enjoyment of a people-focused career.

After enjoying her work with Dr. Nicole Denouden at another veterinary practice, Bianca was happy for the opportunity to work with her again. At Heartland Niagara Animal Hospital, Bianca loves being a part of the care team, learning more about each patient and their pet parent each time she visits with them.

Bianca stays busy away from the hospital, enjoying life with her husband and their two daughters. Bianca thrives on outdoor activities, as she likes to walk, go camping, and take her dog for a brisk run. Bianca also loves the challenges of cooking and baking, and she always puts her own personal twist on an appealing recipe.

Bianca’s family has also welcomed two furry family members into their home. Bianca’s five-year-old daughter often carts Dutchie, the 18-year-old Burmese cat, around like a baby. In contrast, Austin the one-year-old rough-coated collie bounds around with plenty of energy. Austin is also a very social animal who often plays with children, cats, and rabbits.

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