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Summer Dog Treats

Summer is almost here! We suspect that many of you will indulge in some yummy frozen treats over the next few months. Who doesn’t like ice cream cones or milkshakes in summer? Of course, our canine pals also love treats….

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Adopting a Stray Cat

Did you know that there could be almost 10 million stray cats in Canada? Some of these strays are pets that got lost or stolen. Thousands of these kitties are reunited with their humans every year, but many others stay…

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Creating a Dog-Friendly Garden

Do you have a fenced yard for Fido to run and play in? Good for you! It’s great for our canine buddies to be able to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine off-leash, and perhaps chase some squirrels. However, if…

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Celebrating the Crazy Cat Lady

April 19th ha s gone to the cats: it’s Cat Lady Day! The crazy cat lady trope may be a little unfair—after all, we’re pretty crazy about kitties ourselves. Here, a Thorold, ON vet discusses—you guessed it—the crazy cat lady….

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Easter With Fido

Easter is just a few days off. The spring holiday falls on the 4th this year. Fido may not understand the spring holiday, but he’ll likely be in good spirits regardless. At this time of year, most of our canine…

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Bathing Your Bird

Have you recently adopted a bird? Congratulations! Our feathered buddies are very sweet and lovable pets. Of course, just like any other animal, Polly will need regular grooming. Read on for some tips from a local Thorold, ON veterinarian on…

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