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How Your Dog Benefits from Playtime

Sure, playing with your pooch can be a whole lot of fun. Did you know, though, that’s it really about much more than that? Below, a Niagara Falls veterinarian tells you about the various benefits of regular playtime. …
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Airborne Dangers for Birds

Because of the high efficiency level of a pet bird’s lungs, they’re very sensitive to airborne hazards. The trouble is, the typical home can host many of these dangers! Learn how to keep your bird safe—a Thorold veterinarian discusses the …
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Should Cats Really Have Milk?

You’re probably already picturing a cat happily lapping up milk from a saucer on the kitchen floor. You might not realize that cats shouldn’t really have milk at all! Here, a Niagara Falls vet answers your questions on the topic. …
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Exotic Pets for Children

Is your child just about ready to experience the joys of pet ownership, but not necessarily prepared for the large commitment of a dog or cat? Consider some exotic pet options. Here, a Thorold veterinarian discusses a few. …
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