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Choosing a Pet Lizard

Do you find that reptiles fascinate you? If so, a lizard may be a good match for you as a pet. There are many different types of lizards to choose from, and they all have slightly different temperaments and requirements. …
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Common Illnesses in Snakes

Are you a first time snake owner? These beautiful, intriguing animals can make excellent pets. If they are kept in a proper habitat with the correct environmental settings, and fed correctly, many snakes will never get ill. That said, just …
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All About Hamsters

Are you looking for a cute, easy-to-care for pet? A hamster may be just right for you. There are five types of hamsters commonly sold as pets: Syrian hamster, Roborovski dwarf hamster, Campbell’s dwarf hamster, Winter White dwarf hamster and …
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Meet the Hedgehog

One pet that is rapidly gaining in popularity is the hedgehog. The African pygmy hedgehog is the type of hedgehog most commonly sold as a pet. These little quilled cuties are quite adorable, and can do very well as pets …
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How to Manage Your Pet’s Diabetes

November is Pet Diabetes Month. If your pet has been diagnosed with this disease, it can be overwhelming at first. Luckily, managing the disorder will only take some consistency, patience, and the right tools! Learn more below from a Niagara …
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Halloween Hazards for Dogs and Cats

Halloween’s sneaking up at the end of this month—don’t let the holiday turn into a real nightmare for you and your pet! Take heed of your Thorold vet’s tips for keeping your pet safe this time of year. …
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