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Things to Consider Before Getting an Iguana

Are you considering adopting an iguana? These scaled beauties can make great pets, but they aren’t right for everyone, so you’ll want to do some research before deciding. Below, a Niagara Falls, ON vet lists some things to think about…

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Doggy Paw Care Tips

Your dog’s paws are a crucial part of his physique, and are very important to his health and well-being. Those furry feet let Fido chase after his favorite toy when you play fetch, jump to greet you at the door,…

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How to Teach Your Pet Bird to Talk

Do you have a pet bird? Birds have many wonderful charms that make them great pets. Polly is cute, intelligent, and curious, and can brighten up a home with her vocalizations. When it comes to talking and singing, some of…

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Keeping Your Pet Safe in Fall

Fall is a beautiful time of year. The changing leaves, cool breezes, and seasonal food and decorations all have a special charm. Fluffy and Fido may not care about pumpkin spice lattes or comfy sweaters, but they may very well…

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Caring for a Bearded Dragon

Are you considering adopting a reptile? If so, a bearded dragon may be a good choice for you. These pretty, colorful lizards are super cute, and are fairly easy to care for. A Niagara Falls, ON vet discusses Bearded dragon…

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Cats and Children

Cats can benefit children in many ways. They can teach our young ones empathy and compassion, and provide unconditional love. Kitty’s soothing purrs can be a great source of comfort on bad days. Our feline friends can also make great…

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