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Keeping Your Bunny Entertained

Do you have a bunny in your home? If so, you are among millions who have been charmed by these adorable furballs. Bunnies are, first and foremost, extremely cute. It may come as a bit of a surprise to first-time …
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Tips for Feeding a Sick Dog

Is your dog sick? Perhaps Fido just had surgery, or has developed a chronic medical condition. Maybe he’s getting over an injury, or is declining with age. Fido can also get an upset tummy from time to time, just like …
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Choosing a Pet Lizard

Do you find that reptiles fascinate you? If so, a lizard may be a good match for you as a pet. There are many different types of lizards to choose from, and they all have slightly different temperaments and requirements. …
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Common Illnesses in Snakes

Are you a first time snake owner? These beautiful, intriguing animals can make excellent pets. If they are kept in a proper habitat with the correct environmental settings, and fed correctly, many snakes will never get ill. That said, just …
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All About Hamsters

Are you looking for a cute, easy-to-care for pet? A hamster may be just right for you. There are five types of hamsters commonly sold as pets: Syrian hamster, Roborovski dwarf hamster, Campbell’s dwarf hamster, Winter White dwarf hamster and …
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Meet the Hedgehog

One pet that is rapidly gaining in popularity is the hedgehog. The African pygmy hedgehog is the type of hedgehog most commonly sold as a pet. These little quilled cuties are quite adorable, and can do very well as pets …
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