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Feline Folklore

Felines are very mysterious little creatures, who have certainly earned more than their fair share of myths and legends. In fact, for an adorable looking pet, Fluffy has collected a rather impressive repertoire of urban and rural legends. Here, a …
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Can Dogs Eat Chocolate?

While chocolate is a sweet treat that most people love to indulge in, you don’t want your pet to join in on this decadent dessert. Chocolate is highly toxic to our furry buddies! In this article, a local veterinarian discusses …
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How to Be Friends With a Reptile

Do you wonder if reptiles have emotions? Most likely, it’s safe to say that they aren’t as affectionate or sentimental as cats and dogs, but there’s no real way to say for certain. What we do know is that reptiles …
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Giving Your Cat Treats

Does your kitty like treats? Or does Fluffy turn her cute little nose up at them? If your pet falls into the latter category, you may want to try again. Kitties can be finicky, but, just like people, most of …
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Caring for a Senior Guinea Pig

Do you have a Guinea pig? These little balls of fur may be small, but they’ve got some pretty big fans. They’re very popular children’s pets. One reason for this may be because they don’t live very long, and therefore …
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Summer Dog Treats

Summer is almost here! We suspect that many of you will indulge in some yummy frozen treats over the next few months. Who doesn’t like ice cream cones or milkshakes in summer? Of course, our canine pals also love treats. …
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