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Adopting a Stray Cat

May 15, 2021

Did you know that there could be almost 10 million stray cats in Canada? Some of these strays are pets that got lost or stolen. Thousands of these kitties are reunited with their humans every year, but many others stay on the streets. Fortunately, some of the luckier ones end up getting adopted. If you’re considering adopting a stray, read on. A Thorold, ON vet offers some tips on this below.

 Stray Or Feral

Many pampered, beloved housecats are former strays that now have their humans firmly wrapped around their paws. However, not all homeless kitties are well-suited to the indoor life. This is where the distinction between stray, feral, and domestic cats comes into play. There’s no physical differences between the three. The only variable is whether or not Fluffy has been socialized, and to what extent. Strays can do very well as pets, but feral kitties, which are completely wild, often don’t adjust to life indoors. That said, feral cats may still benefit from food, water, shelter, and veterinary care, so you can still help. Ask your vet for more information.

Making Friends

Don’t just try to grab Fluffy out of the blue. You’ll need to earn her trust first. Some felines will tentatively approach you after just a few meals. Others are much more skittish. It’s important for your new furry pal to approach you. Offer treats, and make that ‘psstpsst’ sound kitties often respond to. That said, if your new buddy looks sick, injured, or malnourished, you may not have time to win her over slowly. In these situations, you’ll want to trap Fluffy and take her to the vet immediately.

Settling In

It can take cats quite a while to adjust to a new home. Put Fluffy in a quiet back room at first, with food, bedding, toys, treats, and a litterbox. Aside from going to the vet, just let her relax and settle in. Visit her often, but don’t force attention on her. Just focus on offering good food, toys, treats, and catnip. When your kitty approaches you, pet her gently and talk to her in a soft, friendly tone. This will help her start to feel safe. Your furball may be a pampered, purring ball of cuddles in no time!

Please contact us, your Thorold, ON veterinary clinic, for all of your kitty’s care needs. We’re here to help!