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Easter With Fido

April 2, 2021

Easter is just a few days off. The spring holiday falls on the 4th this year. Fido may not understand the spring holiday, but he’ll likely be in good spirits regardless. At this time of year, most of our canine patients are more than happy to leave winter behind, and enjoy some warmer weather. Read on for some tips from a Thorold, ON vet on keeping your dog safe, happy, and healthy through the Easter holiday.


Chocolate, as you may know, is extremely toxic to our canine friends. It contains something called theobromine, which Fido cannot process. It only takes as little as one ounce per pound of a dog’s bodyweight for a dose to potentially be fatal. Keep those chocolate Easter bunnies away from your fuzzy buddy! You’ll also need to be careful with other sweets. Those delicious candy eggs often contain things like xylitol, sugar, and raisins, which are all dangerous to pets.


Are you hosting an Easter egg hunt? Fido may love to get involved. Just make sure all the eggs have been picked up. Boiled eggs spoil quickly … which won’t stop your furry pal from eating them. While eggs are normally fine—and even healthy—for dogs, bad ones could make your pup sick.


Pretty bouquets are a popular centerpiece for Easter dinners. Keep those colorful flowers in spots your cute pet can’t reach. Many flowers you often find in Easter bouquets, such as tulips, daffodils, and lilies, are poisonous to Fido. You can find more information on the ASPCA site here.


Decorations are a concern at every holiday. Easter is no exception! Garlands, ribbons, plastic ‘grass,’ and small figurines are all potential choking hazards for your four-legged pal.


Mother Nature can get a bit temperamental at this time of year. Just make sure that your canine companion is ready for whatever weather the day brings!


The typical Easter feast offers a pretty mouthwatering spread. However, not everything on your table will be safe for your furry buddy. Meat on the bone is one concern. Other foods on the no-no list include grapes, currants, and raisins; avocados; alcohol; garlic and onions; pitted fruits; and anything with a lot of salt, sugar, or fat. Ask your vet for more information.

Happy Easter! As your local Thorold, ON animal clinic, we are here for you. Call us anytime!