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Taking Your Reptile to the Vet

January 15, 2021

Did you know that tomorrow, January 16th, is Appreciate A Dragon Day? Bearded dragons and other lizards are becoming quite popular! Just like any other pets, reptiles need proper veterinary care to stay healthy. Read on as a Thorold, ON veterinarian offers some advice on taking your scaled—or shelled—buddy to the vet.

Get A Travel Tank

In most cases, it won’t be logical to bring your pet’s main tank or terrarium in. Get your animal companion a travel case. A plastic storage container with air holes cut into it may work. You can also get a smaller tank. (Bonus: this will also come in handy as a backup tank when you’re cleaning your pet’s terrarium.) Your little dinosaur will need water for the trip. However, don’t add anything that could potentially roll over onto your buddy and injure them on the drive. It’s worth noting that some lizards have travel harnesses. These may be okay in a waiting area, but they’re not safe in a moving vehicle. You’ll also want to ask your clinic, as some places require that their reptilian patients come in travel tanks.

Have Portable Heat

Because they’re cold blooded, reptiles are very susceptible to temperature conditions. You’ll need to keep your pet warm on the trip. One option is to wrap the tank in some warm blankets. You can also use a bottle of hot water or a heating pad. Or put rice in a sock and warm it in the microwave. Position these outside the tank, so they won’t roll around.

Warm The Car Up

When it’s chilly out, have the car warmed up before bringing your pet out. In summer, you may want to skip the AC for the drive. On the way over, avoid sharp turns or sudden stops or starts.

Keep The Recommended Schedule

Good veterinary care is just as important for reptiles as it is for other pets. While all of our patients have their own unique needs, most should come in at least once a year. Follow the appointment schedule your vet recommends.

Ask Questions

Your pet’s appointments are a great time to get some professional advice on their diet, care, and habitat needs. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. That’s what we’re here for!

As your Thorold, ON veterinary care clinic, we are dedicated to offering great veterinary care. Please contact us anytime!