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5 Adorable Things Your Cat Will Do Over The Holidays

December 1, 2019

As the holiday season kicks into full swing, many of us are busy with preparations. Shopping, cooking, decorating, wrapping gifts, and planning for events certainly do make for a lot of hustle and bustle! Your feline pal may sleep through most of your activities, but that doesn’t mean she has no plans of her own. Read on as a Thorold, ON vet lists some things Fluffy will do this holiday season.


Cats take their beauty rest very seriously. No matter what happens, your drowsy pet will somehow manage to squeeze in her regularly-scheduled naps. Don’t be surprised if Fluffy dozes off under the tree. This makes sense. After all, kitties are precious gifts!

Help With Gift Wrapping

Kitties are very appreciate of the love and care we give them. Fluffy may try to reciprocate by offering you a helping paw. Your feline assistant will be especially ‘helpful’ as you are cooking, wrapping gifts, changing sheets, and/or decorating the tree.

Attack The Tree

Once the tree is up, you’ll probably notice your frisky furball watching it with bright eyes and a bushy tail. In the wild, cats use trees for shelter, protection, nail care stations, and napping spots. Fluffy will definitely take notice when a tree hung with bright, shiny objects appears in her domain! We recommend choosing an artificial tree, and hanging most of the decorations on the top half. Just put a few unbreakable ornaments on the lower part of the tree.

Play With Presents

Our feline friends are beloved pets and companions, who fulfill and enrich our lives with their loving cuddles, soothing purrs, and adorable antics. Fluffy certainly deserves a special gift! Toys, treats, new beds, and catnip are all great options. If you want to go all-out, get your furball a piece of furniture, like a new cat tower, or perhaps a pet tent or teepee. Once everyone is done opening gifts, offer your kitty some empty boxes.

Enjoy A Special Treat

A can of plain tuna in water is a purrfect treat for Fluffy. Your furry buddy may also enjoy some plain, cooked fish or poultry. Just be sure to remove the skin, bones, and fat first. Other good options include sodium-free broth, shredded deli meat, and gourmet kitty treats.

Happy Holidays! Please feel free to contact us, your Thorold, ON vet clinic, anytime!