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Things You Learn When You Adopt A Shelter Dog

October 15, 2019

October is Adopt A Shelter Dog Month! We love seeing dogs get second chances at happiness. Adopting a shelter dog can be a very rewarding experience. In fact, it can be life changing for both you and Fido. Read on as a Thorold, ON vet lists some things you discover when you adopt a shelter pup.

Helping Animals Feels Great

All of us here at Heartland Niagara Veterinary Hospital are connected by a deep love for animals. We suspect that, if you’re reading this, you also feel sympathy and empathy for our animal companions. While no one person can help every single homeless dog out there, you’re making a difference even by saving one. That’s a wonderful feeling!

Love Conquers All

Dogs are very resilient. They can end up in shelters for a variety of reasons, and it unfortunately isn’t uncommon for them to be rescued from bad situations. However, it’s amazing what love, time, and TLC can do for a pup. You may find that your canine buddy becomes more loving and joyful each day. It’s wonderful to see shelter pups blossom!

Dogs Are Full Of Love

Man’s Best Friend is very smart, and he definitely knows when someone has helped him. Shelter dogs often absolutely adore their humans. In fact, many people insist that they make the best pets. Don’t be surprised if your canine companion thinks you’re the greatest thing since sliced bacon!

Fido Will Make You Laugh

Our canine pals are loyal, loving, playful, and fun. They’re also hilarious. Fido has tons of cute quirks, like that adorable head tilt he does when you ask him a question. He’ll also keep you smiling with his playful antics and doggy habits.

Dogs Are Awesome!

Dogs truly have a special way of filling our hearts and homes with love. There’s just something so uplifting and cheering about knowing that your adorable furry friend will be waiting for you at the end of every long day with tail wags and happy dances. Your new pet will provide you with unconditional love, unwavering friendship, and lots of tail wags and puppy kisses. Fido didn’t get the title of Man’s Best Friend for nothing!

Do you have questions about your dog’s health or care? Please reach out to us, your Thorold, ON vet clinic, for all of your dog’s veterinary care needs.

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