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7 Things To Do With Your Dog This Summer

June 1, 2019

Summer is here! No matter what your plans are, don’t forget to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine with your dog. Read on as a Thorold, ON vet lists some things to do with your canine buddy this summer.

Take A Hike

Dogs love exploring! Take your furry pal to a new trail, or try a different doggy park with him. Just make sure Fido is microchipped, wearing ID tags, and current on his vaccines and parasite control.

Strike A Pose

Summer is the perfect time for taking adorable dog photos. Schedule Fido’s photo shoot for dawn or dusk, when the light has a natural golden hue. This can really make for some great photos!

Enjoy A Cool Snack

It’s always refreshing to cool off with a cold treat on hot days. Buy or make Fido some frozen snacks of his own. You can buy doggy ice cream in pet stores. Another thing you can do is freeze a roll of gourmet dog food or precooked lamb, and slice off a piece when you want to get that tail wagging. You can also make homemade treats from scratch. You’ll find lots of great recipes online. Just stick to pet-safe ingredients.

Learn Something New

Many dogs really enjoy learning new tricks and commands. If Fido hasn’t mastered the basics, like Sit , Stay , Come , Heel , and Lay Down , work on these. Next, you can show him some cute tricks, like Shake or Gimme Paw , or move on to more advanced commands, like Leave It and Get Off The Couch .

Splash Around

Swimming is a very popular summer activity among both people and dogs. If Fido likes swimming, head for a beach or pool, and let him cool off with a dip. Just supervise your furry friend closely. Never leave your pup unattended near the water. Another option is to just give your pooch a kiddie pool to splash around in.


Fido loves to run and play. Take time to throw a ball, stick, or Frisbee for him. This will be fun for both of you!


Summers can get hectic. Take some down time, relax, and soak up some sun. Enjoy a quiet evening or afternoon with your canine companion resting faithfully at your feet.

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