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Benefits of Playing With Your Cat

May 1, 2019

Do you play with your feline friend regularly? If so, that’s great! Fluffy is very frisky and playful, and she loves unleashing her inner huntress. In fact, playing with your cat will benefit her in several ways. A Thorold, ON vet lists some of them below.


It’s no secret that cats love sleeping. Your drowsy pet may very well spend most of her day snoozing. This is very cute, but it does make it easy for Fluffy to get out of shape. Playing is a great way to keep your furball active. This is good for her physically: it will help keep her bones and muscles strong. Even a few minutes of trying to catch that red dot will be beneficial.


Boredom may not seem like much of an issue for cats, especially given that they spend the vast majority of their time doing as little as possible. However, our feline pals are very inquisitive, and can get unhappy and restless with nothing to do. Playing is great entertainment!


Does Fluffy sometimes pounce on your toes? Does she keep you up at night, playing with her favorite squeaky toy? A fun play session will tire her out, leaving her calmer and therefore, less frisky. After a vigorous round of Catch The Red Dot or Chase The Wand Toy , your kitty will want cuddles and a nap. Sleeping pets are good pets!


Kitties are very emotional, and are much happier when they feel loved. When you take time to play with your feline buddy, she’ll understand that you’re making an effort to keep her content. This will definitely score you some points with your cute pet! Fluffy may very well hop into your lap afterwards, purring and being affectionate, as a way of thanking you.

Soothe Tensions

Just like people, cats can suffer from anxiety, stress, and depression. They also don’t always get along with each other. Playing is a great way to let your furry pal work off her angst. If you have more than one cat, dual play sessions can help them become friends.

It’s Adorable

Last but not least, kitty playtime is bound to put a smile on your face. Fluffy is absolutely adorable when she is feeling silly!

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