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April Fool’s Day Jokes To Play On Your Dog

April 1, 2019

It’s April Fool’s Day! All over the country, pranksters are giggling at the practical jokes they’ve pulled off. There are actually some cute and harmless pranks you can pull on your canine pal. A local Thorold, ON vet lists a few of them below.

The Vanishing Human

Let your furry best friend see you hold up a blanket, so that all he can see is the blanket. Then, drop the blanket. Fido will likely be delighted to see you! After you do this a few times, run away as the blanket falls. Your four-legged pal’s confusion is bound to be adorable!

Blanket Monster

Drape a blanket over yourself, and make funny noises at your canine buddy. (Note: don’t do this one with dogs that are overprotective, nervous, or easily frightened.)

Toy Overload

Does your canine pal love to play Fetch ? Try this one out. Put several of Fido’s toys or tennis balls in a basket behind your back. Throw one, and then immediately throw a second. Keep throwing toys out. Your confused pup may end up running in circles trying to decide what to chase after!

Hide and Seek

Wait until Fido is sleeping (or just not paying attention to you) and then go find a place to hide. Call your canine friend, and see how long it takes for him to find you. Make sure to reward your pooch with treats and praise when he figures out where you are.

The Fake Toss

No matter how many times Fido gets tricked by this one, he still keeps falling for it. Pick up your pet’s favorite toy, and pretend to toss it. In actuality, just hide it behind your back. Don’t do this too many times, though: it’s really only funny the first time. Otherwise, you’re just teasing your furry friend!

Bath or No Bath

This one can actually be quite useful, as it’s actually more of a dog care hack than a trick. Call Fido into the bathtub, and make him think he’s about to get a bath. Then, give your pooch a yummy treat, and just let him go. If you do this often enough, you may find your canine companion becoming much more enthusiastic about his beauty sessions!

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