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The Benefits of Professional Dog Grooming

August 15, 2018

Does your dog run and hide when he hears the word Bath ? Fido may enjoy feeling clean and fresh, but he’s not nearly as fond of the process that gets him there. Actually, doggy bathtime isn’t always very fun for people, either. Taking your canine companion to a professional dog groomer can make things much easier on you. In fact, there are some great benefits to taking Fido to the salon. A local Thorold, ON vet lists a few of them in this article.

Less Mess

It’s not always easy to bathe a dog without you and your bathroom ending up soaked! Taking Fido to the salon will let you avoid the dreaded wet-dog mess.


If Fido’s nails get too long, they will become painful and problematic. However, many people are quite uneasy about clipping their pet’s claws themselves. Another benefit of going to a groomer is that you can get your pup a pawdicure at the same time.

No Shivering

When you bathe your dog in summer, you can immediately take him outside for a walk to help him dry off. In winter, this gets a bit trickier. You don’t want to bring a soaking wet dog outdoors in cold weather. Of course, having said soaking wet dog climb onto your couch isn’t very appealing either. Groomers can dry your pet off before you pick him up.

Doggy ‘Do

Many of our canine buddies are quite uncomfortable in the summer heat. Fido may be much cooler with a cute summer haircut. However, it’s important to go to a professional. Getting clipped improperly can cause ongoing skin/coat problems with some breeds.

Medical Grooming

Some of our canine friends’ beauty needs go a bit further than the usual shampoo and trim. Your vet may recommend certain procedures, such as ear hair trims or anal gland expression, which would need to be handled by professionals.

Puppy Check

Experienced groomers often know how to spot signs of medical issues, and will be on the lookout for things like bumps, lesions, and skin problems.

Save Time

If you have Fido groomed at his vet’s, you can take care of two birds with one stone. Your furry pal can see his doctor and his hairstylist at once!

Do you want to schedule a grooming appointment for your canine pal? Contact us, your local Thorold, ON veterinary clinic, today.