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Caring for a Specially-Abled Pet

May 1, 2018

Did you know that May 3rd is Specially-Abled Pets Day? This is one cause that we are happy to shed light on! Just like people, animals can be afflicted by disabilities, such as vision or hearing loss, missing or amputated limbs, back-end paralysis, or other medical issues. However, our animal companions are extremely resilient, and can overcome their challenges to live happy, fulfilling lives. In this article, a Thorold, ON talks about caring for these special pets.


Our four-legged friends are very intuitive, and often know when they’ve been helped. Specially-abled pets are often extremely grateful and loyal to their human saviors. These lovable animals are often full of purrs and tail wags, and just want someone to love them and offer them ear scritches and friendship. You may be surprised at how quickly these guys can melt your heart!


While many specially-abled pets do need more veterinary care than other pets, don’t assume that the expenses will be astronomical. It really just will depend on the pet. Some of these lovable furballs don’t need anywhere near as much medical attention as you may think. Also, because these pets often have a hard time finding forever homes, many shelters will offer help with medical care, and may even discount adoption fees.

Giving A Second Chance

When you are ready to adopt a new furkid, don’t overlook pets that aren’t perfect. They can actually make wonderful companions! As animal lovers, we believe that all our furry friends deserve a second chance at happiness. This is definitely the case with specially-abled pets. Giving one of these sweet pets a new lease on life can prove to be a very beautiful and rewarding experience!


Some specially-abled pets need about the same amount of care as a toddler. Others only need a bit of extra TLC. For instance, if you adopt a blind dog, you may want to put out baby gates and floor runners for Fido. Deaf dogs, on the other hand, can learn to respond to hand signals instead of vocal commands. You may also have seen little doggy wheelchairs used to help pets with mobility issues get around. Of course, every pet is different, so you’ll want to get specific advice from your vet.

Please contact us, your local Thorold, ON pet clinic, for help with your specially-abled pet. We’re dedicated to providing excellent veterinary care!

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