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Choosing the Right Bird Perch

February 15, 2018

Do you have a pet bird? If so, you’ve got an adorable little pet. One thing that is very important to your feathered pal’s health and well-being is making sure she has suitable perches. Birds use perches for resting, grooming themselves, sleeping, playing, and socializing. While many cages may come with a perch, you’ll want to get other perches as well. Read on as a Thorold, ON vet discusses choosing bird perches.


Bird perches are definitely not one-size-fits-all. A parakeet and a Macaw will need completely different perches. Pay close attention to sizes when shopping for your pet. This is very important, as Polly could actually injure herself on a perch that is too large or too small. Ask your vet for specific advice.


In order to stay healthy, your pet will need a variety of perches, all of different materials and strengths. One perch may be good for Polly’s legs, while another may be comfortable for her to sleep on. In general, your pet should have one perch that is flexible, and one that is not. Ask your vet for more information.

Rope Perches

Rope perches are quite popular. They can be beneficial, but there are some things to keep in mind. Be sure to replace rope perches as soon as they start getting worn or frayed. Also, avoid perches that could potentially entangle your feathered buddy.


Material is another thing to consider. Mineral perches are quite rough, and can help your winged friend groom her feet and beak. However, while it’s helpful for birds to have a slightly abrasive material that will help them slough off dead skin, we don’t generally recommend sandpaper perches: some are a bit too harsh, and can cause foot injuries. You’ll also want to be careful with plastic, as some birds tend to try to chew on it.


Birds spend a lot of time in their cages, and easily can get bored. Change your cute pet’s perches out regularly, to keep things fresh and interesting for her.


When setting up your feathered pal’s perches, be careful not to position the perches right over your colorful pet’s food or water dishes. You don’t want your little buddy dropping waste into her food!

Do you have questions about your bird’s health or care? Contact us, your Thorold, ON vet clinic! We are here to help!