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Fluffy’s Top Four Golden Rules

April 15, 2017

Do you have a cat? Whether your pet is chatty or silent, playful or lazy, cuddly or aloof, there’s a good chance that your pet has some very adorable and unique characteristics. However, even though cats all have their own personalities, they do share some common opinions. In fact, one has to wonder if kitties follow their own set of rules. Read on as a Niagara Falls, ON vet talks about the rules of being feline.

Everything Is A Cat Bed

Cats certainly do love to nap. Your furball could sleep as much as 20 hours a day! Our feline pals aren’t particularly discriminating about where they nap, either. You might find your kitty sleeping on the floor, the couch, your computer, or your bed. Fluffy has also been known to snooze on shelves, in suitcases and drawers, in casserole dishes and flowerpots, and, of course, on top of her humans.

Schedules Are Important

Have you noticed that your cat seems to follow her own daily schedule? Fluffy may follow a set routine for naps, grooming, playtime, and snuggles. (Of course, your kitty’s agenda may include batting a squeaky toy around in the middle of the night, but that’s another topic.)

Breakfast Is Crucial

If there’s one thing kitties take seriously, aside from naps, it’s breakfast. If your pet wants her morning meal before you are awake, you may find your feline friend nudging you with her head. Less patient cats sometimes smack their humans with a paw. And, just like hobbits, cats are also big fans of the second breakfast. Fluffy may nibble at her food when you put it down, then walk away, only to come back for another round a few minutes later.

Be Helpful

Most housecats have it fairly easy. All Fluffy really has to do is look cute, and perhaps attack the occasional intruding moth. However, cats often do try to show their gratitude to their humans by lending a helping paw when they can. Your furball may thoughtfully try to assist you with cooking, cleaning the sheets, or wrapping presents. She may also try to keep your freshly-laundered clothes warm by sleeping on them, or smack objects off your coffee table to keep your home looking neater.

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