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Things That Confuse Dogs

March 1, 2017

Does your canine pal do that adorable doggy head tilt when he seems perplexed or confused? Fido is very smart, but sometimes he can be pretty easily stumped. Actually, you may be surprised by some of the things your pooch doesn’t understand. Read on as a Niagara Falls, ON vet lists some things that confuse dogs.


Cats and dogs can get along, but they have some very different philosophies and opinions. Man’s Best Friend may never quite figure his feline roommates out. Fluffy doesn’t like car rides, doesn’t always want to be petted, and may even turn her nose up at bacon. None of this makes any sense to Fido!


Coming to see us can be a bit perplexing for dogs. Even if Fido loves car rides, he probably prefers it when they end at a park or doggy café. Our canine patients just don’t understand that veterinary care is truly in their own best interests!


Our canine companions really don’t understand the concept of punishment. Even when dogs do something wrong, they are usually only obeying their instincts. If you reprimand your pup for his behavior, he may not understand what he did wrong, and could end up feeling confused, anxious, or frightened. Use positive reinforcement instead. If Fido is acting up, ask your vet or a pet behaviorist for tips on correcting his bad behavior.


Hugs are another thing that don’t quite translate well into doggy-think. Among dogs, hugs—or the canine equivalent of hugs—are a sign of dominance. While many pooches don’t mind hugs from their owners, hugs from strangers can be quite unsettling to them.


Fido wants nothing more than to spend time with his human buddies. Unfortunately, most of us have to work to earn money for new toys and doggy treats. Our four-legged friends don’t understand the concept of employment, and can get quite anxious when their pals are away. (Note: if your pet often misbehaves when left alone, he may have separation anxiety. Ask your vet for advice.)


Dogs are playful and curious, and often don’t understand that the world can be a dangerous place. Training, ID, puppyproofing, and secure fencing can all help keep Fido safe. Ask your vet for more information.

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