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Tips for Getting Through Shedding Season

November 1, 2016

Fall is a beautiful time of year. As the weather cools, many people are storing away their summer clothes, and pulling their winter things out of storage. Our pets are also going through a seasonal wardrobe change, as they are shedding their summer coats and growing thicker fur for winter. In this article, a Niagara Falls, ON vet offers tips on getting through shedding season.

Fur Busting

Your four-legged friend may have very pretty fur, but it probably looks much better on your pet than it does stuck to your sofa. A squeegee, dish glove, or damp washcloth will all work great at removing pet hair from your clothes or furniture. We recommend vacuuming daily, and perhaps investing in a good air purifier. It’s also not a bad idea to get washable slipcovers for your couch or loveseat, even if you only use them during peak shedding times. When you dust, use a microfiber cloth: they’re great at capturing fur.


Cats are very good about grooming themselves. Inevitably, Fluffy will swallow some of her own fur during her beauty sessions. This is why—and how—hairballs form. These are no more fun for your kitty than they are for you! Ask your vet to recommend a hairball remedy.


Brushing your pet regularly will help remove dead hair from your furry friend’s coat. With cats, this will also reduce the amount of hair Fluffy swallows, which will in turn cut down on the amount of hairballs she produces. If you have a dog that sheds heavily, take Fido outside to brush him, so that the fur blows away.


Proper nutrition will help keep your furry pal’s coat soft and shiny. This can also reduce the amount of fur your pet sheds. Make sure your four-legged friend is eating a nourishing, high-quality diet that includes essential fatty acids. Ask your vet for specific nutritional advice.


During shedding season, you may end up wearing almost as much fur as your pet! Some fabrics tend to attract pet hair more than others do. Denims, polyester blends, and silks are all good options. Avoid wearing textured fabrics, as they tend to capture a lot of fur. You may also want to keep a lint roller handy.

Do you have questions about your pet’s health or care? Contact us, your Niagara Falls, ON animal clinic, anytime!

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