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Adopt a Shelter Pet Day

April 15, 2016

Did you know that April 30th is Adopt A Shelter Pet Day? This is one occasion we can definitely support! There are far too many sweet, loving pets in shelters, hoping and waiting for someone to save them and give them a great forever home. In this article, a Thorold, ON vet discusses adopting shelter pets.

Reasons To Adopt From Shelters

When you adopt from a shelter, you’re giving an animal in need a second chance and a new lease on life. Your kindness will actually help several animals: the space your new furbaby vacates will soon be filled by another pet in need of a home, and the money you spend on adoption fees will help keep the shelter running. Adopting from a shelter is also often much cheaper than going to a pet store or breeder. There are additional benefits as well. You’ll be able to choose from a wide variety of adorable furry faces, and will get to spend some one-on-one time with your potential pet before making a final decision. This will help ensure you’re choosing the right furball.

Helping A Shelter Pet Adjust

When you bring your furry friend home, you’ll want to give them plenty of time to adjust. Put your pet in a quiet back room with all the requisite supplies, such as food, toys, and bedding. This will give your new furkid a quiet space where they can settle in and recoup from the stress of being in a shelter. Call your vet and schedule appointments for veterinary care that is needed, such as vaccinations, exams, or spay/neuter surgery. You’ll also want to get some professional advice on your pet’s nutritional, activity, and care needs. Aside from that, just take some time to get to know your four-legged buddy, and let love grow. Many people report that the pets they adopted from shelters are extremely loving and loyal, perhaps because they know they’ve been saved.

How You Can Help

Even if you’re not ready to adopt a new furbaby, you can still help shelter pets. Consider donating money or supplies: shelters are always in dire need of both. Volunteering is another great way to help out. Working to help animals in need is very rewarding, and feels great!

Do you have any concerns about your pet’s health or care? Call us, your Thorold, ON animal clinic, anytime!