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5 Reasons to Play With Your Dog Every Day

April 1, 2016

Does your canine buddy like to play fetch, or tug-o-war with you? Did you know that playing with your dog is actually very beneficial for him? In this article by a Niagara Falls, ON veterinarian, you’ll read about some great reasons to play with Fido every day.


All that running and jumping is great for your pet physically. The activity Fido gets chasing after his favorite doggy toys will help keep his bones, muscles, and cardiovascular system healthy. Just be sure to ask your vet for guidelines on your furry pal’s exercise needs, and find out exactly what he should and shouldn’t do. For instance, some dogs should not be encouraged to jump, or stand on their hind legs.


Just like people, dogs need to be entertained and amused. Playing helps keep your pet occupied, and can help stop him from being restless or bored. That fun game of fetch can really make your furry pal’s day!

Burn Excess Energy

Fido can be quite energetic, especially when he’s younger. If your canine friend is a furry ball of zoom, he will probably need lots of activity to burn off that extra energy. Fido will be calmer after his play session, and perhaps even a bit tired. If your four-legged pal is worn out, he’ll probably be more interested in naps and belly rubs than tearing up the couch cushions or chasing the cat around the room.


Taking time to play with your canine buddy every day can really help with behavioral issues, such as digging or chewing. Fido will be more likely to get into mischief if he’s bored and restless! If you tire your pooch out with a fun play session every day, you may very well see your furry friend’s behavior improve.

Tail Wags

Last but not least, playing with dogs is just fun! Chances are, you’ll come to enjoy these play sessions just as much as your furry pal does. After all, it’s pretty hard not to smile when watching Man’s Best Friend joyfully chasing after a stick or toy. That excited, happy look Fido gets when you pick up his favorite ball is just adorable!

Does your feline pal need vaccines or an exam? Please reach out to us, your local Niagara Falls, ON animal hospital, for all of your pet’s veterinary care needs.