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Things That Annoy Cats

February 15, 2016

If you have a kitty, you’ve probably realized that our feline friends can be quite opinionated. Fluffy may have specific preferences for napping spots and food, and may like being petted a particular way. While each cat has their own personality, kitties do share some broader opinions, including some common likes and dislikes. Read on as a Thorold, ON veterinarian lists some of Fluffy’s pet peeves.


Most cats hate getting wet. There are some valid reasons for this: cat fur, when wet, gives off a strong odor that could attract predators in the wild. Rivers and streams with strong currents could also be very dangerous for our feline friends. That said, there are some kitties out there that apparently never got this memo, because some cats, like the Bengal, actually like water.

Dirty Bathrooms

Cats absolutely hate dirty litterboxes! If Fluffy’s private bathroom gets too soiled, she may not want to use it. Make sure to keep your kitty’s lavatory clean. Scoop it daily, and replace the litter once a week.

Improper Attention

Kitties can be quite the little cuddlebugs, but even the most lovable kitty has snuggle preferences. Some cats like getting their chins stroked, while others prefer ear scratches. Not enough attention, too much attention, ill-timed attention, and incorrectly-applied attention (such as rubbing Fluffy’s fur the wrong way) can all irk your feline buddy.

Car Rides

Fido may think a car ride is great fun, but Fluffy couldn’t disagree more. Most cats spend car rides meowing pitifully. Coming to see us may not be one of your kitty’s favorite things to do, but veterinary care is very important to her health and well-being! Play soft music to keep your furball calm. Cat-calming products, such as sprays, may also help. Ask your vet for more recommendations.

Loud Noises

If you’ve ever dropped a pan around Fluffy, there’s a good chance that she immediately hightailed it out of the room. Kitties generally prefer their kingdoms to be quiet and peaceful. Given that they spend so much time napping, this makes purrfect sense!

Being Ignored

If Fluffy wants attention, she fully expects you to succumb to her demands for cuddles. Oblige the furball: it’s hard not to smile with a purring cat in your lap or arms.

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