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How to Pamper Your Bunny

January 15, 2016

Do you have a bunny? Rabbits are super cute, and can make absolutely wonderful pets. Floppy will need a comfy habitat, a good diet, and proper veterinary care to stay healthy and happy, but many bunny owners like to go above and beyond, and spoil their adorable furry friends. Read on as a Thorold, ON lists some ways to pamper bunnies.


Bunnies must chew to keep their teeth healthy. Offer Floppy lots of fun playthings to keep her amused. Many household items can be upcycled into great, inexpensive, bunny toys. Stuff fresh hay or herbs into a paper bag, or crumple up pieces of paper and toss them to your adorable pal. The options are endless!


Most pets love treats, and bunnies are no exception. Fruits can make great snacks for Floppy. Bananas, blueberries, melons, papaya, peaches, and pears are all good options. Your furball may also love shredded wheat cereal. Just be sure to only give your cute pet the plain type, as the frosted kind has a lot of sugar!


If Floppy likes being groomed, brushing her regularly will make her feel loved and spoiled, and will also help keep her coat smooth and shiny. Your adorable pet may stretch out and close her eyes in bunny bliss during her beauty sessions!

Relaxed Bunny

Did you know that there is a way to put your bunny into a relaxed, blissful state that is almost a trance? Cradle Floppy on her back in your arms, with her head tipped slightly backwards, then gently pet her, stroking her from her nose to her ears. Some rabbits absolutely love this! Your furball will need to trust you first, so don’t try this on a newly-adopted bunny.

Bunny Play Zone

Floppy is both curious and playful. Keep things fun and interesting for her by making her a fun play zone in a bunnyproofed area. Arrange footstools and boxes for your furry pal to hop onto, and set out lots of fun toys. You can also put out some foraging toys for her to nibble at: hang greens from a piece of twine strung between two chairs, or put a yummy treat in a rolled oats container.

Do you have any questions about Floppy’s health or care? We can help! Please contact us, your Thorold, ON animal hospital, for all your bunny’s veterinary care needs.