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Keeping Your Pet Safe in Fall

October 15, 2015

Fall is a beautiful time of year. The changing leaves, cool breezes, and seasonal food and decorations all have a special charm. Fluffy and Fido may not care about pumpkin spice lattes or comfy sweaters, but they may very well take note of some of the other aspects of fall. Autumn actually brings a few specific dangers that pet parents should be aware of. Below, a Thorold, ON veterinarian discusses keeping your pet safe in fall.

Halloween Candy

Halloween may be a great time for trick-or-treaters to score some goodies, but keep that candy away from your pet. Chocolate, macadamia nuts, and xylitol are all very toxic to our furry friends. Raisins and grapes are also poisonous to pets, so never give your furbaby flavored candy. Pets can also choke on hard candies or plastic wrappers.


Weather can change very quickly in fall. Brush your furbaby regularly to remove dead fur and tangles, as these things decrease the protective properties of your pet’s pretty fur coat. If your dog spends a lot of time outside, give his doghouse a good cleaning, and make sure it is properly insulated. We recommend that kitties live indoors, but if you do let Fluffy wander, make sure she has a shelter, in case she is ever caught out in the cold.


Pesticides, fertilizers, and antifreeze are often used in fall. These things are all extremely toxic to our furry pals! Keep your pet away from these harmful chemicals, and mop up any spills immediately. We also recommend wiping down your pet’s paws after they’ve been outside.


Fall’s seasonal flora may be beautiful, but it isn’t necessarily safe. Many mushrooms sprout in fall. Pets can get very sick by ingesting toxic mushrooms! Keep your yard clear of any wild mushrooms. Certain plants, such as chrysanthemums, are also poisonous to pets. Piles of leaves and debris can also be dangerous, as they can harbor mold or bacteria.

Wild Animals

In fall, many animals, such as snakes, start looking for places to hibernate. Wild animals often get rather cranky and defensive as they start preparing for their winter naps, which can make them more aggressive than usual. Keep your pet away from anything that looks like it could be an inviting habitat.

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