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Key Points of Responsible Dog Ownership

September 1, 2015

Did you know that September is Responsible Dog Ownership Month? Providing your canine friend with food, water, and shelter will see to Fido’s most fundamental needs, but great pet care goes above and beyond these basics. In this article, a Niagara Falls, ON vet discusses some key aspects of responsible dog ownership.

Veterinary Care

Our canine friends need regular veterinary care to stay healthy. Parasite prevention is crucial, as it will protect your four-legged pal from harmful parasites such as fleas, ticks, and heartworm. Microchipping is also important, as is spay/neuter surgery. Fido will need regular examinations as well, so your vet can monitor his overall health and check for any possible medical issues.


Making sure your canine friend gets sufficient exercise is very important. Exercise not only helps Fido stay strong and healthy, it’s also crucial to his mental health. Dogs that don’t get enough exercise are much more likely to misbehave, as all that pent-up energy often ends up being channeled into bad habits.


Just like people, dogs can get bored and restless with nothing to do. Provide your pup with plenty of toys to keep him occupied while he’s alone. Playing is also important: it’s not only fun for Fido, it offers mental stimulation, and will strengthen the bond between you.


Proper training is very important, not just for Fido’s safety, but to the safety of other animals and people. In addition to being housetrained, all dogs should know at least the five basic commands, which are Sit , Stay , Lay Down , Heel , and Come . Crate training is also recommended.


When it comes to pet food, not all brands are created equal. Give Fido the highest-quality pet food you can afford. Doggy treats are fine, but don’t overindulge your pooch with fatty snacks. Ask your vet for specific recommendations.


In order for Fido to truly be happy and healthy, he needs a comfortable habitat. Invest in a good doggy bed for your canine pal, and keep him indoors when the weather is bad.


Last but not least, dogs need lots of love! Talk to Fido, pet him, and indulge his requests for belly rubs or back scratches. In return, you’ll get a precious gift: your furry friend’s unconditional love and loyalty.

Please contact us, your Niagara Falls, ON veterinary clinic, for all of your dog’s veterinary care needs.