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Kitties That Swim

June 15, 2015

Does your cat enjoy water? If so, you’re not alone! While many of our feline friends hate and fear the water, and certainly don’t care for getting wet, there are some kitties that enjoy splashing around and even going for a swim! In this article, a local Thorold, ON, veterinarian discusses some special kitties that like swimming!


These exotic kitties have quite a few unique traits! Known for acting a bit more like a dog than a cat, Bengals have been known to enjoy playing fetch, and can be trained to walk on a leash. That said, one of the Bengal’s most distinctive features is their love for water. These kitties will splash around in tubs, follow their owners into the shower, and can often be found playing with their water dishes !

Turkish Van

According to legend, this cute kitty jumped off Noah’s Arc and swam to shore. More recently, these furballs learned to beat the heat by going swimming in Turkey’s Lake Van. While the Turkish Van loves to splash around in shallow water, don’t assume that this kitty enjoys baths: they actually don’t care much for being sudsed up.

Turkish Angora

The cousin to the Turkish Van also loves water, so this trait must run in the family! The Turkish Angora is a cute, active kitty that has been known to hop into the bath with their owners. You might even find this furball doing the ‘cat paddle’ in a pond!


Another exotic kitty, the Savannah is also known to enjoy swimming. If your feline buddy is a Savannah, don’t be surprised if you find your furball playing in her water dish, or even hopping into the tub.


We couldn’t leave out mention of these beautiful big kitties. Tigers love to swim, and are very much at home in the water. One tiger was even recorded as having swum a record 30 kilometers!

Of course, many of our feline friends don’t like water! This could be because rivers and lakes can be dangerous for kitties, as fast currents and predators can be hazardous to tiny furballs. Then again, maybe Fluffy just knows she doesn’t look her best when she’s sopping wet!

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