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Fluffy’s Tricks for Getting Herself Fed

May 15, 2015

Does your kitty have you wrapped around that cute little paw of hers? If so, you’re not alone! Kitties are actually very skilled at manipulating us, especially around dinnertime. In fact, cats have several tactics that are very effective at getting their bowls filled. In this article by a Thorold vet, you’ll learn about some of Fluffy’s tricks.

The Meow

This is the first and most basic step in Fluffy’s repertoire. Your kitty will sit next to her bowl. If it’s empty, or the food is old, feed your furball. Otherwise, she’ll look up at you with the cutest, most heart-melting expression she can muster, and meow plaintively. The dish-filling power of this cute, pitiful cry is not unintentional. Scientists suspect cats actually started meowing primarily to manipulate us, or, to be more specific, to cajole us into feeding them.

The Leg Rub

If meowing doesn’t suffice, Fluffy’s next tactic may be rubbing against your legs. Many people think this is a sign of affection. This isn’t incorrect: kitties don’t rub against people they dislike. But this cute habit is more than a simple show of love. When Fluffy rubs against you, she’s rubbing her scent onto you and, perhaps, claiming ownership.

The Trip/Meow Combination

Let’s say you glance at Fluffy’s bowl, see that there is still fresh food left, and deduce that your furball is not, despite her theatrics, actually hungry. You start walking away. Kitty isn’t about to let you get away that easily! Fluffy’s next tactic is often to dash out in front of you, and weave back and forth before your legs. This, combined with a series of cute, pleading meows, is often very effective at getting her food dish refilled.

The Bat

Fluffy’s next move may be lightly tapping you with her paw. This technique, however, is often reserved for early mornings. Fluffy may smack your face, head, or hand to wake you up at breakfast time.

Of course, even after all this effort, when you feed her, don’t be surprised if Fluffy turns up her nose at your meager offerings and starts all over again. Cats can be finicky! Don’t overfeed your furbaby, however, as obesity is very dangerous for kitties. Keep your cat at a healthy weight!

Please contact us, your Thorold vet clinic, for all of your kitty’s veterinary care needs. We are here to assist!