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Crate Training Your Dog

May 1, 2015

Is your pooch crate trained? If not, you may want to consider getting Fido a crate of his own. Used correctly, a crate can be a great tool for dog care. You’ll learn more about crate training in this article from your local Niagara Falls vet.


There are many benefits to be gained from crate training your dog. Our canine friends tend to feel safe in small, enclosed spaces, so Fido may come to see his crate as his own private den. Crates can be helpful when housebreaking a puppy, in discouraging bad behavior, and helping dogs feel secure and relaxed. Fido may also need to be crated at veterinary offices or groomers, or during travel. This will be much easier for your canine buddy if he is already crate-trained! Last but not least, crates can keep a frisky pup out of mischief when you’re away from home or occupied.

Choosing A Crate

Your dog’s size is the most important thing to consider when choosing a crate. Fido should be able to sit comfortably, turn around, and lay down without having to curl up in a ball. Don’t go overboard on size, though: if the crate is too big, Fido may use part of it as a bathroom. When crate shopping for puppies, choose a crate that will fit your furry pal’s estimated adult size, so you don’t have to purchase a bigger one later. Another thing to consider is whether the crate will be moved or kept in place at home. Crates that are for home use only can sometimes double as cute furniture.


Use treats and toys, such as a Kong filled with peanut butter, to help him form positive associations. Get Fido used to the crate slowly, and increase his crate time by small increments. Put the crate in a place where your pooch can still see and hear your family. If he’s left by himself in a back room, he’ll get lonely and start to hate being crated.

Things To Consider

While a crate can be a wonderful tool when used properly, it can be quite damaging if utilized improperly. Never leave your dog locked up for extended periods of time, and never use the crate as punishment.

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