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Keeping Your Bunny Entertained

February 1, 2015

Do you have a bunny in your home? If so, you are among millions who have been charmed by these adorable furballs. Bunnies are, first and foremost, extremely cute. It may come as a bit of a surprise to first-time bunny owners that these little ones, despite their innocent faces, can get into quite a bit of mischief, especially if they’re bored! Like any other pet, bunnies need stimulation in order to stay healthy and happy. Luckily, keeping bunnies entertained isn’t very hard, nor does it have to be expensive. In this article from your local vet Niagara Falls, you’ll read about some great ways to keep your rabbit amused.

Tunnels and Mazes

Bunnies love to explore little mazes and tunnels. You can make your own out of cardboard boxes taped together or large PVC pipe. Another option is kitty tunnels, which are sold in pet stores.

Hidden Treats

Just like any other pet, bunnies love to eat! You can stuff toilet paper or paper towel rolls with hay or herbs, and make several and then line them up in a cut-off tissue box. Hide treats in cereal boxes to give your bunny a treat and a toy all in one! Another fun way to amuse your bunny is to put a treat in a plain sheet of copy paper, and then crumple it up.

Hanging Toys

Some hanging chew toys for birds will do just fine for bunnies. You can also make simple hanging toys by stringing up the cardboard from a paper towel tube across the back of a chair, or even get creative with a phone book! Be very careful about giving your rabbit plastic, as sometimes bunnies will eat it, which can make them sick.

Toy Balls

Bunnies sometimes enjoy playing with simple balls. You can use plastic kitty toy balls, the kind with little bells in them.

Chew Toys

Hanging branches from fruit trees, such as apple, are an easy gift for Bunny. Your bunny may also enjoy wood, wicker or straw chew toys, or wooden chew toys for parrots. Make sure to only give your bunny toys made from untreated wood!


Simply shred or crumple plain paper and pile it in a corner of your bunny’s cage. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

Obstacle Courses

Footstools, ottomans, and storage bins make fun obstacle courses for your bunny to play in.

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