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Tips for Feeding a Sick Dog

January 1, 2015

Is your dog sick? Perhaps Fido just had surgery, or has developed a chronic medical condition. Maybe he’s getting over an injury, or is declining with age. Fido can also get an upset tummy from time to time, just like we do. Just like us, dogs often lose interest in food when they aren’t feeling well. Proper nutrition is essential to healing, however, so it’s very important that your dog gets the nutrients he needs. If your vet recommends that you try to get your canine buddy to eat, but Fido isn’t having it, these tips from your local vet Thorold may help.


Needless to say, if your dog is sick, he should go to the vet’s immediately! Lack of appetite, vomiting, and/or diarrhea can all be signs of illness in dogs, so you definitely want to get Fido checked out if he is showing any of those symptoms. Make sure that your vet thinks he should try to eat before urging Fido to have some dinner, because if he’s just having an episode of indigestion, his stomach may need to settle.

Prevent Dehydration

Fido should always have a plentiful supply of fresh water, and when he is sick this is even more important! Make sure your pup does not get dehydrated. You can try giving your dog ice cubes to boost his water intake.

Homemade Meals

If your pooch is sick, homemade dog food is a great way to customize his meal plan based on his needs and your vet’s recommendations. Hamburg; steak; tuna; or boiled chicken, with the bones and cartilage removed; can be mixed with rice and veggies for a simple meal. There are many recipes for making dog food; a quick online search will reveal dozens.

Bone Broth

Bone broth is very nutritional. You can give Fido beef or chicken broth in a bowl, or add it to his regular food. Homemade broth is best, but if you do use store-bought, get a brand without any MSG.


Peanut butter on a doggy treat is one option which may entice your dog to eat. Upgrading to a better brand of dog food may also help, but don’t make the change all at once. Start by mixing the old and new brands together. If all else fails, try giving Fido some cooked hamburger or boneless chicken. If Fido has an upset tummy and wants to eat grass, let him. This may be Mother Nature’s way of helping dogs soothe an upset stomach. Just don’t let him eat grass that has been treated with chemicals or pesticides.

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