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How to Manage Your Pet’s Diabetes

November 1, 2014

November is Pet Diabetes Month. If your pet has been diagnosed with this disease, it can be overwhelming at first. Luckily, managing the disorder will only take some consistency, patience, and the right tools! Learn more below from a Niagara Falls vet.

Daily Glucose Monitoring

A diabetic pet will require regular glucose monitoring, just like a human would. Today, there are a wide variety of monitoring tools available, like test strips and meter devices. They’re all quick and easy to use, so ask your vet to recommend a device that will work well with your particular pet.

Regular Insulin Injections

Of course, your pet will need regular insulin injections since her body isn’t manufacturing it properly. The exact dosage and administration schedule will vary from pet to pet, so consult your veterinarian to find out the exact timing. Much like glucose monitoring, insulin injections won’t be hard once you get the hang of it. Of course, your vet is always here to help!

Good Exercise

Pet exercise is always important, but even more so now that your pet has diabetes. It’s especially necessary for overweight diabetic pets. Regular playtime, romp sessions, fetching, or other games will help regulate your cat or dog’s blood glucose level, so it’s necessary every day. Ask your vet for the particulars on length of exercise and the type of activity your pet should be doing.

Great Diet

After the diabetes diagnosis, some pets are required to switch diets to a specially-formulated diabetic food. These diets are usually high in protein, carbs, and fiber, and have a lowered fat content. In addition, most diabetic pets will need to be given the same amount of food at the exact same time every day. Your veterinarian is here to assist you with portion sizes and mealtime scheduling.

Veterinary Check-ups

Did you know that diabetes can fluctuate over time, indulging flaring up after a long period of dormancy? For this reason, regular veterinary appointments are more important now than ever. Make an appointment today with your Niagara Falls vet, and ask about setting up a consistent appointment schedule for the future.