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How Your Dog Benefits from Playtime

October 1, 2014

Sure, playing with your pooch can be a whole lot of fun. Did you know, though, that’s it really about much more than that? Below, a Niagara Falls veterinarian tells you about the various benefits of regular playtime.

Physical Benefits

Of course, a dog that’s playing is getting physical activity. Having a hearty living-room-floor romp session is helping your dog burn calories while he’s having a blast! Exercise like this will help keep weight down, muscles toned, and joints flexible and strong. Set aside time every day for pet playtime and exercise.

Behavioral Benefits

Bored pets are the ones who tend to misbehave, tearing up furniture, soiling in the house, or chewing up your favorite pair of shoes. Prevent behavior problems like these by playing with your pet regularly—a pet that knows playtime occurs every day has less of a reason to entertain themselves. It will provide an outlet for your pet to get out these frustrations, and the chew toy will get the brunt of the assault!

Mental Benefits

The mental benefits of doggie playtime are another reason to schedule a play session every day. Your pet’s reflexes will remain sharp and response times will stay quick. Try playing with puzzle toys, setting up homemade obstacle courses, hiding food treasures in different corners of the home, or playing hide-and-seek. This way, your pet’s body and mind are getting exercised simultaneously!

Bonding Benefits

Don’t forget about another key benefit of regular dog playtime: pet-owner bonding. The time you spend playing with your pet will strengthen your bond together, creating a long-lasting, deep, respectful friendship. Dogs are social creatures, and playtime is the perfect way to keep them engaged with their human companions.

Would you like suggestions on what sort of play will best benefit your particular pooch? Give your Niagara Falls vet’s office a call today for more tips.

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