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Keeping Your Pet Safe on Hot Summer Days

July 15, 2014

The hottest parts of summer lie ahead! It’s important to keep your pet’s safety in mind during the scorching summer days. Take note of these hot-weather tips from your Thorold veterinarian.

Bring Pets Indoors Mid-Morning to Afternoon

The hottest part of the day occurs from mid-morning through the afternoon. It’s also when the sun is most directly overhead. Don’t leave a pet outdoors to suffer through this time of day—instead, bring them into the air conditioning with you. Try exercising your pet in the cooler morning or evening hours.

Provide Water

When your pet is outdoors, you’ll want to provide fresh water for him to drink at all times. Fill a bowl with cool water and set it in an easily-accessible area. Check the bowl often in case it needs refilling or refreshing. You might even put a few ice cubes in it to help it stay cold.

Provide Shade

A shaded area is another key factor in keeping your pet safe on hot summer days. Make sure part of the house or a few shade trees provide a cool shade zone where pets can relax under. If there isn’t anything creating adequate shade, create your own by setting up a tent, awning, or hanging a sheet.

Car Safety

Never, under any circumstances, leave a pet in a parked car on a summer day. Even when temperatures are relatively mild, the temperature in a parked car can heat up quickly. Once temperatures stretch above the 100 degree mark, your pet is facing the deadly dangers of heatstroke. Either leave your pet at home or bring him indoors with you.

Asphalt Awareness

Asphalt surfaces quickly heat up with the sun beating down on them. A pet’s paw pads can easily be burnt and blistered by these scorching surfaces. When outdoors, do your best to have your pet avoid blacktop driveways and parking lots. If you must traverse them, do so quickly to avoid burns.

These aren’t the only great ways to make sure your beloved companion stays safe this summer. Ask your Thorold vet for more suggestions!