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Getting Your Puppy to Sleep Through the Night

June 15, 2014

We’ll admit it—it can be nearly impossible to get a puppy to sleep the entire night. You can, however, do your part to keep him asleep as long as possible. Try these tips from a Niagara Falls veterinary professional.

Restrict Food and Water Before Bedtime

Most vets recommend feeding your puppy about three hours before his bedtime. When it’s about an hour and a half before bedtime, restrict his water intake as well. This way, your pup won’t have to eliminate for a while, reducing the chance you’ll have to go out and allowing you to get more sleep.

Pre-Bedtime Bathroom Break

Just before bed every night, take your puppy out for his final bathroom break. If you’ve withheld food water properly, this should be the last time your pup has to go for several hours. Watch your pup closely to make sure he goes, and praise him verbally when he does. Keep this routine every night.

Pre-Bedtime Exercise

It can be very effective to schedule playtime and exercise sessions just before bed. Right before the final night’s bathroom break, romp around with your pup on the floor, play with chew toys, and get your pet moving however you can. This exercise is good for your growing puppy, and it will tire him out just before bedtime, hopefully getting him to sleep longer. Once you’re done exercising and have taken your puppy outside, show him to his bed. With any luck, he’ll be worn out and go to sleep quickly.

Invite Pup Into Your Room

Some puppy owners have found success by placing their pup’s crate in their bedroom. Many dogs feel more comfortable if they’re not alone and know their owners are right there, and end up sleeping longer. Plus, you won’t have to stumble through a dark house when your puppy does need your attention.

Ask your Niagara Falls veterinarian for more helpful tips on getting your puppy to sleep for as long as possible. You’ll be able to get a longer night’s sleep in no time!