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  • Rehabilitation

    Has your pet experienced some type of injury that has impacted his or her mobility in some way? Perhaps your companion recently underwent surgery and is having a difficult time getting back on his or her feet. Recovering from such events can be a long, trying experience – both for your pet and for you. The rehabilitation services available to patients of Heartland Niagara Animal Hospital can help shorten the time of recovery and drastically improve the quality of life your pet experiences throughout the process.

    We utilize a number of different treatment methodologies, including laser therapy, supplements and medication – or some combination of these – to help us achieve optimum results for your pet. The process begins with a thorough evaluation of your companion to determine what treatment methodology would provide the best results. Our team is experienced in all aspects of animal rehabilitation and will know just what to do to manage your pet’s case most effectively.

    Some of the injuries and ailments that can be improved through veterinary rehabilitation include:

    • Arthritis
    • Degenerative Disc or Joint Disease
    • Tendonitis
    • Hip Dysplasia
    • Post-Surgical Recovery
    • Back Pain
    • Joint Pain or Injury
    • Muscle Abnormalities
    • Nerve Injuries
    • Wound Healing
    • Weight Management

    In addition to the many therapies we apply in-house, our staff will also work with you to educate you on, and provide demonstrations of, certain rehab techniques that you can apply at home, in between visits. These treatments, such as massage and specialized exercise, can help speed the recovery process and shorten the number of professional sessions that are required in order to achieve optimum results.

    Is your pet suffering from one of the above conditions, or recovering from surgery or an injury? Give us a call today to see if rehab would be a good fit for your companion. We’ll have that little critter back on his or her feet again in no time!

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