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    Bianca has experienced veterinary medicine from a different perspective. While working at her first veterinary hospital, Bianca decided to participate in the clinic’s cat and kitten adoption program. Bianca volunteered to take abandoned kittens home each evening, feeding the tiny cats overnight so they could receive the nourishment they needed. Bianca received great satisfaction when each young cat was adopted into a loving home!

    Bianca spent her childhood in Fonthill, Ontario with her mother, stepfather, and two younger brothers. After acquiring hospitality experience that would prove useful in her veterinary career, Bianca moved to Toronto to find work she enjoyed. After seeing a veterinary receptionist ad in the paper, Bianca realized this job would combine her love for animals with the enjoyment of a people-focused career.

    After enjoying her work with Dr. Nicole Denouden at another veterinary practice, Bianca was happy for the opportunity to work with her again. At Heartland Niagara Animal Hospital, Bianca loves being a part of the care team, learning more about each patient and their pet parent each time she visits with them.

    Bianca stays busy away from the hospital, enjoying life with her husband and their two daughters. Bianca thrives on outdoor activities, as she likes to walk, go camping, and take her dog for a brisk run. Bianca also loves the challenges of cooking and baking, and she always puts her own personal twist on an appealing recipe.

    Bianca’s family has also welcomed two furry family members into their home. Bianca’s five-year-old daughter often carts Dutchie, the 18-year-old Burmese cat, around like a baby. In contrast, Austin the one-year-old rough-coated collie bounds around with plenty of energy. Austin is also a very social animal who often plays with children, cats, and rabbits.

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    Registered Veterinary Technician

    Shelby’s life has always revolved around animals. Growing up in a small farming community, Shelby often encountered horses and other farm animals, along with her own family pets. While animals served as the backdrop for Shelby’s life, her parents noticed that she also related her life experiences to animals. Shelby’s deep connection with animals, along with her outgoing nature, help her to provide loving care to her clients’ pets!

    Shelby spent her childhood with her parents, two older brothers, and an assortment of pets. Shelby especially loved dogs and horses, and she has been an avid rider since she was six years old. At age 16, Shelby purchased her own horse, and enjoyed many happy hours of pleasure riding with her equine companion. The pair also competed in horse shows and competitive trail riding events.

    While Shelby loved her family pets and horses, she also “rescued” animals that seemed to need assistance. On one occasion, she took Zippy, a spunky snapping turtle, into her home for the winter. Shelby’s tolerant parents supervised Zippy’s care, and Shelby happily released Zippy into the wild in the spring.

    When Shelby was 16 years old, she received her first taste of veterinary medicine by completing a co-op assignment at a large and small animal clinic. Next, Shelby moved to Orillia, Ontario to attend a Veterinary Technician course; and she finally moved to St. Catharines for her current co-op position. While Shelby likes many aspects of her work, she receives the most satisfaction from nursing her patients back to health. Shelby also likes to see the immediate results of laser therapy. While Shelby loves helping her patients, her outgoing personality helps her to easily build relationships with their pet parents as well.

    Shelby currently shares a home with her boyfriend and Kasha, a large four-year-old English Mastiff who’s convinced she’s still a puppy. Given the choice, Shelby would much rather spend her time outdoors. Depending on the season, she continues her love for swimming, camping, four wheeling, and snowmobiling.

    Even with her busy schedule, Shelby always makes time for her handsome 11-year-old Morgan/Arabian horse. Shelby and her gelding have quickly become a good team. The pair often practices barrel racing and roping, two exciting events in which good teamwork often brings satisfying rewards.

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    Veterinary Assistant

    Nikki has had a passion for animal care ever since she can remember, and always played “veterinarian” instead of “doctor” while growing up. She shadowed at her local veterinary clinic while still in grade school, where she got to watch surgeries and assist with actual patients. It didn’t take long for Nikki to realize she was hooked! Now, she’s feels fortunate and proud to care for pets daily as a member of the Main West Animal Hospital family.

    Originally from Trenton, Ontario, Nikki worked in various customer service jobs before moving to this area and applying to several veterinary clinics. She adopted a puppy shortly thereafter, and taking her new addition to his first veterinary office visit sealed her fate—she knew it was time to put her passion for animal care to good use. Nikki is now a Veterinary Assistant, and gets to better the lives of pet owners and their animal companions on a regular basis.

    Nikki lives with her boyfriend and their Golden retriever, Murphy, who knows every trick in the book and can always get into some sort of trouble if he sets his mind to it. When she isn’t at work or spending time with her family at home, Nikki is an avid horseback rider. She’s been riding ever since she was young, and bought her first horse when she was only 16 years old—now, her horse teaches young children how to ride!

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