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    Safety Tips for Walking Your Dog

    One wonderful thing about dogs is that they help keep us active. Taking Fido for a walk is just as good for you as it is for your pet! Just be sure to keep your dog’s safety first and foremost. Below, a Thorold, ON vet lists safety tips for walking your dog.

    Keep Fido Behind Or Beside You

    While some dogs are furry bundles of energy, some dogs, such as senior dogs and puppies, tire out quickly. Bring your pet home when he starts getting tired. Don’t let your pup lag behind you: another animal could approach from behind without you noticing. When walking along the side of a road, keep Fido to the outside, as he has a shorter profile and is harder for drivers to see.

    Wear Reflective Gear

    For night walks, wear clothing with reflective stripes, and get a reflective leash for Fido.

    Use Retractable Leashes Carefully

    Retractable leashes are great, because they give dogs extra leeway for sniffing grass. However, they can also be dangerous. If the mechanism breaks, Fido could wander out into traffic flow. Also, if another animal approaches, you or your pet could get tangled up.


    Always carry a cell phone, a whistle, and, of course, waste baggies. Life hack: dedicate a specific jacket for dog walking, and keep these things in the pockets.

    Be Aware

    Always be aware of your environment. If you listen to music through earbuds when walking Fido, keep the volume down, so you can hear above it.

    Choose Well-Lit, Familiar Paths

    Fido loves to explore, but keep his sightseeing to the daylight hours. Avoid dark, deserted, and/or unknown routes after dark, as there could be dangerous animals—or sadly, people—in these areas.


    If a wild animal bites your dog, and you can’t confirm your pet is current on his vaccinations, you could find yourself in a legal nightmare! Keep up with Fido’s vaccines and parasite control. Fido should also be microchipped and wearing ID tags.

    Paw Care

    Watch for dangerous objects, such as broken glass. In summer, dogs can get paw blisters from walking on hot surfaces, while in winter, snow, ice, salt, and sand can hurt Fido’s paws. Stay on soft ground, and use paw balm to protect those furry feet.

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